Is your food business is unnoticed? Even if you have the most brilliant or stunning Cook with delicious food items, they might just go unnoticed if they’re not showcased well. Shobaik Lobaik is a steady and interactive app, to highlight your food business and compel your customers to choose you. Your value proposition is stronger than that offered by competitors. Shobaik Lobaik is the right place to do so . join us now write your success story in the coming future .

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Reserve Your Table
Events Management

Book and enjoy extraordinary dining experiences in over 250 restaurants in Jordan with Shobaik Lobaik App. Book your reservation and invite a few friends to tag along, all in just a few taps. Plus, get personalized recommendations based on your preferences and reserve, or modify your reservation anytime, anywhere Find the right restaurant for anything. Narrow down your search by filters including neighborhood, cuisine, and type of food (Veg and non-Veg). Get a feel for the restaurant, view photos, menus, and reviews from diners like you!

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Stunning Features

Restaurant list

The customers can view a list of restaurants nearby their current location.

Order Tracking

The customers can track the status of their current order.

Table Reservations

The customers can call the restaurant and inquire about the reservations for their events.


The customers can search for specific recipes according to their tastes and preferences.

Easy Checkout

Shobaik Lobaik supports a fast and efficient checkout process. The entire process of COD involves the placement and execution of order except for the collection of the payment.

Guest Access

The application allows the guest users to navigate throughout the sitemap and check for varieties of cuisines and dishes served by the restaurants listed therein.


Your app accelerates your business growth, by helping you to send the promotional offers directly to the customer's device.

Interactive Restaurant Panel

User-friendly and interactive admin panel.