Who We Are?

Shobaik Lobaik is an online food ordering portal in the region to bring food from your favorite restaurant to your doorstep. Currently our online food delivery services are available in Amman, and conform to high standards of service and guarantee towards food delivery.

Why Shobaik Lobaik?

Every once in a while, you may experience very annoying moments that disconnect you from your food, - the restaurant won’t answer the phone, can’t decide on the cuisine, bored of the same old’ restaurant, lazy to get out, or maybe you just want to try something new! We know because it’s happened to us; and to address these teething troubles, we kick- Shobaik Lobaik. For our customers, we have a number of advantages: We make it easier to order food - Convenience Schedule an order. the luxury of discovering menus from 100+ restaurants and You don’t need to call a restaurant anymore, let us do the talking...all you need to do when hunger strikes is a CLICK!